Review of Oppo Find 5 smartphone

by Rosgani 5


Oppo Find 5 is a little mysterious, a little romanticism, but OPPO finally launched at the end of the 2012 annual finale flagship phone – Find 5.

The basis of the 5-inch 1080p packs with 13 megapixel CMOS camera and powered by Qualcomm APQ8064 derived Romantics technology products, interest-screen aesthetics, musical enjoyment level stuff. Below, we immediately look at the real performance of the OPPO Find 5 :

From the configuration point of view, OPPO the Find 5 point is not vague, various parameters are flagship. Big screen, non-removable battery, MicroSIM card. Interestingly, the Find family from one generation to the present, several machines look very different, estimated not from the same designer hand. In addition, it is also explained that the OPPO Find 5 of the on-site evaluation of the engineering prototype, and not entirely representative of the full retail version.

Brief specs of Oppo Find 5 Android smartphone

  • CPU Qualcomm SnapDragon APQ8064 1.5GHz (4 core)
  • RAM 2GB
  • ROM 16GB
  • Screen 5.0 inches 1920×1080 resolution 441PPI, IPS, OGS full lamination technology
  • The main camera 13 megapixels stacked CMOS F/2.2
  • Blue glass filters, 1/3.06 inch image sensor, hardware HDR
  • Front camera 1.9 megapixel front
  • Operating system Android 4.1.1
  • Type of SIM card Micro SIM card
  • Network standard China Mobile GSM, China Unicom GSM / WCDMA
  • Body size 141.8×68.8×8.86mm 3.25mm border
  • Weight     165g
  • Battery 2510mAh
  • Characteristic NFC, NFC flash pass, Dirac sound, vehicle mode,
  • The WiFi-Display, NearMe cloud services
  • Selling price 2998 yuan

Video: Oppo Find 5 experiencing demo
Here are the first video of Oppo Find 5 experiencing about user interface based on Android 4.1, this is indeed a preset many features.


5 inch narrow border design
Shape aspects, OPPO Find 5 front you can see the 5 inch 1080p HD screen with 3.25mm ultra-narrow border, one of the good sense of the bottom of the screen design three hidden touch keys, the front of the phone using Corning Gorilla scratch resistant The glass-covered, has good scratch scratch. Temporarily only white color version.

The top of the screen you can see the 1.9 megapixel front camera, earpiece and light and distance sensor.
The bottom of the projecting part and the mobile phone is connected to the middle frame, although the back cover of the phone seem can be removed, but in fact Find 5 uses a non-detachable design. Engineering also found on the back cover and junction box will have the sense of unity of the gap, the phone is not very good, and I believe there will be some improvement in the official version.
The back like Sony LT25i, whole radians, officially known as “the 2.5D surface micro-arc design.

OPPO Find 5 is equipped with a 13 megapixel stack camera, but also the world’s first mobile phone equipped with the camera. The camera has a F/2.2 aperture, a 1/3.06 inch light-sensitive element, blue glass filters, and so on. Can be seen next to a dual LED flash light and noise-canceling microphone.

Extended Interface and details

Here we look at the Find 5 side buttons and interface. The power button and the Micro SIM card slot in the left side of the fuselage, Micro SIM Card slot needs to take card pin before remove. 3.5mm headphone jack and Micro USB interface breakdown in the body at the top and bottom.
Oppo-Find-5-10 Oppo-Find-5-09
This picture from the above, we can see the back cover and body gap is quite obvious, but after all, this only works version.

Body size and thickness compared

Equipped with a 5.0-inch screen size 141.8×68.8×8.86mm OPPO find 5 in the end how? Below by comparing several phones that initial impression. First, is equipped with a 4.3-inch screen OPPO Finder .



The following contrast has released mobile phones equipped with the maximum size of the screen – the Samsung GALAXY Note II .

Next we look at the contrast classic 3.5-inch screen phone iPhone 4S.
The last case also equipped with a 5-inch 1080p HD screen contrast just released HTC Butterfly view.


Thickness contrast Finder with iPhone 4S

Thickness, we compared the the 6.65mm the OPPO Finder, and 9.3mm thickness of the iPhone 4S. Find 5 having a thickness of 8.86mm.

1080P, 5-inch flagship screen

OPPO Find 5 mobile phone is the first domestic mobile phone using a 1080p screen resolution , 5-inch screen size make it the screen pixel density reached 441 ppi, in theory, has gone beyond the range of values that the human eye can recognize. However, in accordance with the OPPO say, when people look at the screen at different focal lengths identifiable PPI’s limit to 429.

At first glance, sensory, 1080p resolution screen effect delicate degree not reached amazing feeling, because mainstream 720p screen has been able to give us a better visual effect, but the degree of detail of this screen look Xiaobian feeling under sharp effect, the basic pixel heal the human eye can not clearly distinguish.
The rest of the configuration of the screen material used IPS has a high viewing angle, true color reproduction, etc., and also the use of a the mainstream OGS screen full-fit technology, a 20% reduction in the thickness of the screen, and 10% increase in light transmittance, greatly enhance the visibility of outdoor light.

NOTE: It should be noted that the camera remake of the effect may differ from actual real machine venues lighting relations experience, there were some discrepancies, for reference only. We will get a real machine to bring a more comprehensive analysis of screen.
Oppo-Find-5-18 Oppo-Find-5-19 Oppo-Find-5-20
Restore the color on the screen real show, which has always been the advantage of the IPS screen, decent performance and viewing angle. Second, the screen is a 2.5-dimensional surface micro-arc design is the vertical direction, using the straight-line, smart micro-arc treatment in the horizontal direction, the perfect fusion of the straight line and arc, so the screen aesthetic upgrade.
Oppo-Find-5-21 Oppo-Find-5-22 Oppo-Find-5-23 Oppo-Find-5-24 Oppo-Find-5-25 Oppo-Find-5-26Screenshot of 100%, the OPPO Find 5 with HTC Butterfly in the screen xinidu level comparable pixel can not we distinguish. For such a high-resolution screen, the text presents a more supple, the resolving power of the picture also improved to some extent. Can be said that the OPPO the Find screen display to a new height, not to mention the practicality of this screen, or increase the number of visual effects, but at least it does raise the sophistication to carry out a detailed analysis of the evaluation, follow-up will be on this screen Please continue to pay attention to us.

The Android 4 .1 system interface

The OPPO Find 5 equipped with Android 4.1.1 depth custom- based operating system, it can be seen from the settings option OPPO is still a lot of effort in the optimization of system customization.
Oppo-Find-5-27 Oppo-Find-5-28
The OPPO 5 came with a new UI interface, and packs of new design Widget, icon design also began to focus on strengthening the material and the reflection of light and shadow, desktop plug well together. Is OPPO official noted, this UI will bring to everyone’s feelings on the 1080P screen is “shines”.
The OPPO Find 5 support NFC functionality, you can make the Find 5 to achieve mutual powder microblogging NFC flash pass function. NFC flash pass speed up to 30M per second. And two NFC accessories supplied by random custom profile tab. The popular features Find 5 for “cloud” of course, did not fall, NearMe provide retrieve the phone, Cloud Album, network disk, notes cloud features.
Find 5 also has capability of playing movie or music via WLAN sync to your TV or monitor playback, rather than with the relevant features of the TV and projector might want with the F-Box to achieve this functionality.
The small European GPS assistant, packs with German “road” navigation, open the Find 5 more intelligent of the O-Drive vehicle mode and this phone can be a GPS (Global Positioning Systems).

Oppo Finder 5 Camera :

Find 5 camera is stacked CMOS the 1/3.06 inch area of up to 13 megapixels . Maximum aperture of f/2.2, and blue glass filters, as well as four coated mediation light.

The OPPO Find 5 is the first phone stacked CMOS sensor, this new structure, we may wish to look at.

Stack (laminated type) back-illuminated structure parsing:

Stack back-illuminated structure, more excellent sensitivity and enhance the image of the imaging quality can also have the ability to shoot high dynamic range (HDR) video.
First, from the configuration diagram it can be seen that the traditional type of back-illuminated type structure in the photosensitive pixels (pixed section) and control circuit (circult section) is in the same layer, the back-illuminated-type structure of the type of the laminated layers were separated. W (white pixels) so that the latter can be added using a larger photosensitive area to accommodate it, the sensitivity will not drop. Join W white pixels camera photosensitive element photosensitive characteristics in dark environments become more active, so the image detail in low light conditions will become clear, thus reducing the noise.
Secondly, since a control circuit of the sensor in the lower layer, the area of ​​the processing circuit will increase accordingly, it is possible to conduct a more complex circuit operation. Achieve high dynamic multiple exposure HDR operator on the phone and also be able to cope. Sony stack structure to achieve HDR is relying on a strong separate processing circuit, which may be rapidly performed in a HDR exposure four speed operational, that is, a single exposure to read the image data four times. Simply put, Sony at a shutter can be four times the exposure, but because this technology only for video, so the video recording can be a number of HDR exposure, high dynamic HDR effect.
OPPO the Find 5 is the first high-speed camera phone supports 120 / s, equivalent to 5 times the human eye perceives speed. In addition also the first to support the hardware HDR phone. Hardware HDR the meaning is on the photosensitive member of the operation of the HDR, does not need an advanced software to handle, which can improve the processing speed.

Oppo-Find-5-35 Oppo-Find-5-36 Oppo-Find-5-37 Oppo-Find-5-38 Oppo-Find-5-39 Oppo-Find-5-40

Camera interface are similar, but OPPO the Find 5 ‘s improved much more refined, we live shot some really making proofs:




From the effect of the actual shooting, of the OPPO Find 5 imaging color is biased in favor of strong some, this looks more to please the eye. See photos on the official proofs tolerance is very high, the performance of the photosensitive element is also reflected. Detail, high-pixel so that the distance between the pixels and the noise is constant, but at the same time also retains the preferred details.


From OPPO Find 5 overall performance point of view, a balanced mix of hardware has reached a very advanced level of the quad-core phone, the other is to catch this 1080P screen phone released before most manufacturers, definitely need some R & D cycle, the OPPO Find 5 is close to finished, but there are still people expect to improve.