OPPO Find 5 using Sony CMOS EXMOR RS sensor camera component

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I remember the OPPO Find 5 just released this week, In a bright spot in the 5-inch 1080P screen, the Oppo Find 5 stacked CMOS has also become the focus of attention. Stack CMOS is not the first time debut as early as January of this year, Sony released the stacked CMOS technology parsing document, officially announced the production went on sale in August, the Sony name stacked CMOS sensor is Exmor RS, while OPPO Find 5 is the first phone which using Exmor RS sensors.
OPPO Find 5 stacked CMOS 1/3.06 inch ofers 13 million pixel aperture F2.2 is the highest a Sony small stack size CMOS pixel and native support hardware HDR video OPPO has also announced a number of Find 5 proofs from the sample point of view, the performance of the camera is very good quality.

The Sony stacked CMOS Exmor RS sensor Past and Present

Back in January of this year, Sony announced its new R&D stacked CMOS image sensor to meet the rapid growth of smart phones and hand-held mobile devices demand.


This new Sony sensor using the RGBW pixel array on the basis of the traditional RGB, an increase of the pixel layout of the W (White), is used to improve the sensor’s sensitivity to light, and to enhance the performance of the sensor in low light. Sony said that usually increase the white pixels will reduce the quality of the image, but Sony found a new approach and a new logic algorithm.


The biggest highlight of Sony’s new sensor is its low light performance, in addition to support for HDR photos, another advantage of the RGBW coding can be recorded at the same time in two different exposure parameters screen. By appropriate signal processing in backlit conditions colorful photos, HD video recording shooting HDR (high dynamic range) has also become possible, even in poor lighting indoor or light contrasts strongly backlit conditions, the The sensor can capture vivid images.


Unlike conventional CMOS, stack CMOS sensor on the electronic circuit layer and the photosensitive layer is completely separated, a single pixel of a larger, more of the optical signals obtained to achieve the smaller volume sensor.

August of this year, Sony officially introducing stacked CMOS named the Exmor RS sensor and published product specifications. Plan according to Sony, Exmor RS sensors a total of three models were equipped HDR 1/3.06 inch CMOS 1313 million effective pixels IMX135, 1/4 inch CMOS, 808 million effective pixels IMX134 built-in camera signal processing performance, with 1/4 inch COMS 808 million pixels ISX014.


From Sony offer a single point of view, the purchase of a single imaging module and cheaper than the 1/3.06 inch Exmor RS imaging module will be 8000 yen, or about 600 yuan, believe that large-scale purchases will have a discount price.

It is reported that Sony Japan Technology Center to invest 80 billion yen for the study of stacked CMOS sensor and trademarks registered in Europe and the United States and other regions Exmor RS, which can be seen, Sony was trying to sail Figure rapid expansion in mobile equipment sensor market share in the future, using the the phone sensor Exmor RS will become more increasingly.