Samsung Galaxy S 4 price has been revealed

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Samsung has been unveiled their flagship smartphone on April 14th in New York but  on that time, there is no information about the price for consumer. but  now we have got the price of Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone for US market.

However, It is reported that Samsung has been revealed the prioce of Galaxy S 4 for US market, the quad-core version of Galaxy S 4 will be has $ 579 USD retail price or about 3598 yuan. According to rumors in Italy GALAXY S 4 eight-core version will be sold with 599 euros or about 4860 yuan.

According to the information received by the part to receive the Samsung official e-mail users, if registered subscribers the GALAXY S4 email update, then there will be a chance to win a free GALAXY S4. At the same time under the terms of this activity revealed that Samsung will send 48 new flagship smartphone, the retail price of $ 579 for each new machine, or about 3598 yuan.

The Samsung activities to disclose the price indeed for the U.S. version of the GALAXY S4 future price of, then no doubt excited than $ 649 from the sale of the U.S. version of the lock-free iPhone 5 to be cost-effective. But widely expected that this price does not include consumption tax, and the price is to close with GALAXY S3 price.

The UK will be available on April 26
As for the specific launch date of the Samsung GALAXY S4, the news from foreign media disclosed on April 26 Samsung GALAXY S4 will visit the United Kingdom market. This new machine determination of the time in the UK, is likely to mean the Samsung GALAXY S4 will sync in the United States and some other countries listed, only listed prices, contract plans and other details of the aircraft is not yet announced.

The Samsung GALAXY S4 also support mobile TD-LTE 4G network, so the domestic market is also likely to synchronize started selling. Previously, the media quoted Unicom insiders disclosure of the news, the Unicom custom dual card dual standby version will be has 5899 yuan or about $948 USD.

Italian price leaked
According to the Italian website, there is a message quoted by Samsung insiders, Samsung GALAXY S4 will be held in May, the first two weeks in Italy, but the phone cost up to 699 euros, or about 5670 yuan. However, the Samsung GALAXY S4 prices in other EU countries, compared with 599 euros (about 4860 yuan), relatively cheaper.

Obviously, if the Italian media revealed the news is true, then Italy may be the first sale of the Samsung GALAXY S4. Handset prices in Italy and other EU countries and indeed there are price differences, for example the Samsung GALAXY Note II, and the Samsung GALAXY S III would have appeared in such a situation.

Samsung previously published information, the Samsung GALAXY S4 will be available by the end of April this year, listed in 155 countries around the world, and all U.S. carriers will be sales of the smartphone.