Heat testing of Xiaomi MI3 smartphone

by Rosgani 2

Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi has been intriducing the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi3, this phone is packs with good hardware and this phone is more better than the previous M1 and M2 Android phone.  Looks very powerful hardware parameters, the actual experience is somewhat disappointing, although the workmanship is much better than previous generations, but the gap compared with international manufacturers is still large, the system fluency is also unsatisfactory, want to get smooth experience, users still need to wait for some more time.

And now we have a few fact about the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone testing, graphics and perfomance testing and watching how do the GPU  rendering 2D and 3D graphics. In recent MIUI update, there is some has improved, but compared with Xiaomi 2 is still far, I take the time to check processor Frequency stability testing, the use of Stability Test for CPU load (GPU full load, ie, the basic usage is 0), Android Tuner frequency and temperature monitoring is carried out, the test models are Xiaomi 2 with APQ8064, Xiaomi 3 with Tegra 4 and Vivo Xplay with Snpdragon 600.


The CPU-Zapps  can not successfully identify Tegra4, so only Tegra2, does not affect the test.


▲ Xiaomi 3 Tegra4 (room temperature)

NVIDIA Tegra4 has a frequency of 1.8GHz, but with Intel Turbo uses a similar manner, that usually use only a single core load can instantly reach 1.8GHz, while at the same time full of quad-core, quad-core rare instances can simultaneously reach 1.8GHz, the most they can hold 2 seconds, then the frequency will gradually decline. Note: The icon is the temperature inside the CPU temperature, does not mean the body surface temperature.


Tegra4 more sensitive to temperature, short time under full load the highest 66 ℃, followed by the temperature control management is forced down-after a few minutes or so remained at 816MHz, the receiver position the upper body and back hot, about 44 ℃ , while the battery temperature is about 45 ℃.


In the end the test interruption, due to the chip as well as the body temperature is higher, CPU frequency still be down-state.


▲ Xiaomi 3 Tegra4 (refrigerator)



▲ Vivo Xplay Snapdragon 600

At full load, 15 seconds after the processor’s temperature reaches 69 ℃ after down-conversion, down from 1.71GHz between 810MHz and 1.13GHz, 2 minutes later, the frequency is maintained at 810MHz or so.


The same time to exit the test, body heat is not obvious, it is because the CPU frequency drop too quickly under full load, the temperature is not high, quit after the test frequency recovery is also fast. Have to say Xplay in temperature control is good.


▲Xiaomi 2 APQ8064 (refrigerator)

Have to say this is a test of Xiaomi 2, is indeed “born for the fever,” the phone, ignoring temperature, CPU has been maintained at the highest 1.51GHz, and the temperature rising, ignoring the first test due to an unknown temperature , the limit was increased to 83 ℃ after the phone automatically restart, under normal circumstances to reach about 75 ℃ black screen automatically shut down, and have to manually boot, so this is safer to put the refrigerator, the temperature rises rapidly, an Apollo can reach 75 degrees Celsius, general users do not just imitate.


We can see that the slope of the three curves in the figure are high, because the high frequency performance enough, no matter how to play, Xiaomi 2 systems are always very smooth, of course, is also part of the MIUI optimize good factor, but Xiaomi 2 disregard temperature management at this time Body temperature is high, if a user in a row after playing the game it’s easy to automatically restart high temperature performance, although it is a warm enough, but who would want to go hot restarts play with the machine?

Overall, Xiaomi Mi3 irregular  is closely related to the processor frequency instability, Tegra4 also more sensitive to temperature, the temperature rise is automatically a reduced frequency, the frequency is not high performance naturally appear insufficient, and Xiaomi 3 often have a high body temperature, heat from the moment it is difficult to optimize long way to go.


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    xiaomi should dump nvidia.

    is there any concern with the phone heating up in mi3 please respond me as i’m going to take the mobile

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