OPPO R3 Review: World’s Thinnest 4G Phone

by Frank Tu 0

It has been touted as the “world’s thinnest 4G smart phone.” (TD-LTE 4G-supported) Now, we review the OPPO R3. It was designed with alloy frames and a metal rear case. It also supports laser engraving for the owner to add a text or picture to maintain the phone’s uniqueness.



The Oppo R3 sports a 5-inch 720p display screen that was designed using in-cell technology. Its processor is the Snapdragon 400 (MSM8928) quad-core chipset with a frequency of 1.6GHz. It also has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory storage which can be expanded to 128GB. It has a 5mp/8mp camera and runs on a 2420mAh battery. Its OS is the Android 4.3-based Color OS 1.4.s_3c7c0e6de8ed4e808ea2b0d2f271b2bc

       The OPPO R3 is only 6.3mm thick making it the thinnest 4G smart phone out right now.



This phone also uses a metal rear case with alloy frames adding more stability when playing videos. It won’t affected by fingerprints.

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Its rear camera has 8mp which is pretty good.


OPPO does not often use pointed cameras. But this phone is so thin that you can see the camera and light pointed out. This definitely affects the phone’s evenness. However, the camera is kept intact by the metal frames and the camera’s diameter is small so there’s no need to worry about scratches on the lens.

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The OPPO R1 promoted night photography and the R3 will continue to do so. It uses the IMX179 sensory chip. It has a Sony 8mp rear-camera sensor with an F/2.0 aperture. The sensor can cover an area of about 1/3.2 inch. In addition, the OPPO R3 has a “UHD Photo Quality” feature like the Find 7, which can pick the best photos out of 10 shots and put them together into a 24mp UHD photo.

s_912b581d53e4428c842cf1b6cd3ad15b s_7013d3006f1c4bdeb392c1cf6d185400 s_7f9a1eda7be547ad925e0cda9c4cca29 s_16cd0f80ad06464b99146db43c8f73ba s_47282729b6cc4d7f9ba3f2421aff2bbe s_459c2ced3db4460f94273058963f72a6 s_c8d92e9b56554b868a5fdbdd4d36ba4b

As these samples show, the R3 has an outstanding photo resolution. The image and colors are all very bright and beautiful. Its exposure and permeability are incredible too.

s_f85a7a30bf094af8add7d5c2e063b372 s_5797e880bc6e433b84a9529f7c6afe68 s_e8c590d23fb149b7a5494384d616dfdb

Here’s a look at OPPO’s Color OS.


       The Color OS’ desktop has always been pretty grandiose. The Dock and notification bars are completely transparent. s_4f1fce5b1b29450983a39fd8b7dfffdd s_8d993bb6501644cbb053a65afb9c0d3e s_aabf4e6889b24b6ca2579cd45341b4d0

s_40507e4ef41f4b7cb3a550d809ae2b3e s_7d8d38ed879744989c6d84aa67ae99ef s_346bc173728f464a90a11e0a80822ed3 s_bb1174a80b534904ae7ebdc6b50181c9

       4.86GB out of the OPPO R3’s 8GB internal memory space can be used for saving. Not a lot will be left after installing a couple of games, but since it can be expanded to 128GB, the user will not have to worry about this.

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It scored more than 200000 points at the Antutu V4.5 benchmark test, so the performance is so-so.





This is the first instalment of the OPPO R series to support 4G internet. It is compatible with TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM and could become OPPO’s next big star.


If you’re looking for excellent video hardware and a good benchmark score, then forget about it. What’s notable about the OPPO R3, though, are the fact that it’s the thinnest 4G phone around, and has excellent camera specs and outstanding OS.