Review: IUNI U3

by Frank Tu 8












The best thing about the IUNI U3 is its appearance, especially the front. It sports a 5.5-inch 2K display screen that takes up about 77% of the phone’s body, the highest screen-to-body ratio for a phone with a 2K screen in history. It is also only 10mm thick. Furthermore, its screen is covered by a 2.5D curved glass that is as transparent as a drop of water creating a big visual impact.

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From these two close-ups, we can see just how powerful a visual impact the IUNI U3 has as a result of having such a high screen-to-body ratio. Above the screen is a sensor, speaker, and 4mp front camera with an f/2.0 aperture. To put the screen to best use, the U3 uses virtual buttons. Regarding the texture, this phone uses Corning Gorilla 3 Glass and is covered by Canon Optron AF giving this phone a smooth and slippery texture. Overall, the IUNI U3 delivers as it is the only phone out right now that can maintain a high screen-to-body ratio with a 2K screen.








There is a huge contrast between the IUNI U2 and U3, not just regarding the screen but also the way the back has been redesigned. It has been designed with two intertwined fibers that make it comfortable for the user to hold when he carries the phone. The phone’s great curvature makes holding like lying down on a pillow without increase its thickness. The snapshots may make the phone look a bit thick but it is actually very comfortable to hold.

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On top middle part at the back of the phone is the U3’s 13mp Sony IMX135 camera. Despite it having lower resolution than the U2’s 16mp camera, many disliked the U2’s “volcano-shaped” camera. The U3 rear camera’s design is much simpler and easier to deal with. It also has F/2.0 aperture and is OIS-supported. It also has a built-in professional imaging algorithm engine from ArcSoft.


Located in the middle of the back is IUNI’s logo. The font is small but imposing, something that many manufacturers seem to be comfortable with. At the bottom is the speaker.









The IUNI U3’s measurements are 145 x 74.9 x 10.3mm. At one side, its thickness is 10.3mm at most which is not really slim, based on the industry’s standard, but its curvy design makes it comfortable for the user when holding it. There are no  buttons on the left side.









On the right side are the power and volume buttons. The part of the side below them is connected to the rear cover.














A 3.5mm earphone jack is located at the top side of the phone. At the bottom are the cable port and microphone. To give the user the best quality for phone calls, the U3’s frame is covered with antennas giving the phone a good 4G signal.









Summary: The best part about the IUNI U3’s design is its front side. Its 5.5-inch 2K screen which covers 77% of the phone’s body enjoys a high quality and clear screen performance. Even though it is only 10.3mm thich, it has a pillow-like texture due to its curved design.










IUNI U3’s OS has a new App market, music streaming program, memo feature, anti-harassment and spam features, as well as voice assistant feature. These features allow the OS to better meet the user’s needs. As a result, the IUNI OS can be considered to be one of the best Android-based OS right now.









The Time Wallpaper feature allows the phone to automatically change its wallpaper everyday according to the date. This is not even its biggest highlight. The wallpapers provided by the IUNI OS are so beautiful that no matter what theme you prefer, it has it all. The lock wallpaper and desktop wallpaper are not exchangeable though.









Many changes and upgrades were also made for the main screen wallpaper. As the wallpapers shown above show, they have become more diversified. There are now more colors and styles to choose from.









There were not a lot of changes to the IUNI OS’ lock interface. It just has more animated effects when it is recharged.









Like before, the IUNI OS still has only 14 tabs and has a simple but effective design.









These are the scroll-down menu and the background. Shortcuts are integrated into the background’s interface to create more space.









When you scroll your finger left and right on phone dial icon, you can access the voice assistant and all the apps.









The dial interface still looks the same.
















Changing the wallpaper lets the OS be more personalized by the user. IUNI U3 makes this processor easier and simpler to do than the MIUI.























The new IUNI OS comes with an app store and can be access after the right software is installed.
















The file manager is one of the most used software in the IUNI OS. If you look carefully, then you can see that the IUNI OS does not have an icon for video software. You can only play videos using the file manager.









The settings page is composed of 13 sections are easy to understand and use.


Summary: There is not much to say about the IUNI OS. Not only does it have an interactive design but is a more diligently and carefully done Android OS. Its simple and practical design should make it very useful for everyday use.

13mp Sony IMX135 camera with f/2.0 aperture

       Many people disliked the IUNI U2’s “volcano-shaped” camera, so for the U3, IUNI decided to use a OIS-supported Sony IMX 135 camera at the back with an F/2.0 aperture. It also uses a powerful image algorithm engine from ArcSoft. As for the quality of photos taken by the U3, below are samples taken by the U3’s camera.















































































































































































































Theses photos are pretty good. The brightness and focus can be adjusted separately.

Snapdragon 801


The IUNI U3’s processor is the 2.3GHz 8974AA Snapdragon 801 quad-core chipset. How does it fare?








The IUNI U3 scored 33549 in its benchmark test.









Big games seem to work fine without any problems.









I was able to watch 4K videos without any problem as well.



       The IUNI U3’s hardware is amazing. Its biggest advantage for the user is the fact that it is the first internet brand phone to use a 2K screen which makes up 77% of the phone’s body. Compare this phone to other phones with a 5.5-inch screen and you will see just how good a phone with a high screen-to-body ratio is. The IUNI OS also helps a create user experience with its simple but varied design.


Overall, the IUNI U3 is an amazing device that nobody should miss.