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Inventec To Boost Xiaomi Mi 5’s Production, Helps Increase Capacity To 1 Million Per Month

by Joe 3

While Xiaomi makes one of the best value for money smartphones in the market right now, the company is currently facing one major issue — timely supply of its orders. The demand for its products, especially smartphones are much more than its supply, which means there are many disappointed Mi fans in the market who are left without their favorite devices. We have seen Xiaomi Mi 5 selling out in seconds, even in the third and fourth flash sales. This is mainly because, the company is reportedly manufacturing only around 700,000 units of the Mi 5 per month, lower than its demand. But, now that Lei Jun has personally taken charge of the company’s supply, we should soon see an improvement in the shipments.

Xiaomi Mi5

Now, a new report from China states that Inventec has increased its production capacity to boost the shipments of the Xiaomi Mi 5. In fact, it is said that the total production of the Mi 5 has just been increased to 1 million per month from just 700,000 before. Earlier, an industry analyst, Sun Changxu, revealed that Xiaomi Mi 5’s production was not adequate because of the limited supply of the in-demand Snapdragon 820 chips. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

It is further said that Inventec has increased its production capacity utilization ratio of its Nanjing plant to 90 percent recently. Also, to meet the increasing demand, Inventec is working on its Nanjin Phase II project which comprises of 27,000 acres and six floors, which will further boost up its production capacity.

With Lei Jun taking charge of the company’s supply, and Inventec increasing its production capacity, looks like Mi 5’s flow of shipments should be steady very soon.

Definitely good news, but do you think it’s too late?

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  • Harsz

    It is not too late , there is hardly any flagship that can deliver such phone at such price . Hopefully the will make it available in malaysia soon

  • Tommi

    ZUK Z2 Pro is only phone which does have awesome low price with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM + SD820, and glass body.

  • illystor

    Though the white variant does nothing for me, a friend has the black Mi5 and honestly, other than it feeling almost too light, I’ve really started to warm to it. I don’t think it’s too late if this is soon reflected in the numbers available in the flash sales. The ZUK Z2 Pro looks good but it’s still relatively untested, whilst people at least have come to expect a certain standard from Xiaomi. Meizu’s Pro 6 seems to be a mixed bag, so not the most dangerous competition. LeTV continue to be the feisty upstart who stand to cause some trouble for Xiaomi, but I think the Mi5 will do fine if these things make their way to market soon enough.