The Galaxy Note 7 may feature a 6-inch display, larger than its predecessor

by Jitendra Soni 0

In continuation to the leaks and reveals for Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, we have just got a new rumor about the screen size of the upcoming device.

As of now what we know is that the Galaxy Note 7 will have dual-curved display but it may be of 6-inches rather than 5.7-inches as found on its predecessor.

Note 7 Zuaba Listing

According to a listing on India’s import-export database site, a device bearing a serial number SM-N930R4 with 6-inches screen size was imported in India from South Korea on 1st July. The said serial number SM-N930R4 corresponds to the Galaxy Note 7.

However, the actual device may come with a different set of specifications as this may just be a prototype for testing purpose. We cannot event count out the possibility of human error in mentioning 5.7-inches as 6-inches.

samsung galaxy note

While we are already aware that this upcoming flagship device will feature 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 823 processor and that it will feature a USB type C port, a first in Samsung’s devices, we will have to wait for just about a month more to see rest of the features of the Note 7.

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