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Xiaomi Redmi Pro’s Dual cameras explained, plus Official Camera Samples

by Jed John 9

When Xiaomi announced its desire to chart the path of offline sales and shipments outside China targeting markets in Europe and the US, some never took the Chinese company serious on that. Xiaomi has no presence in US and little in Europe but officially, its products are not sold in Europe and the United States.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

But the Chinese innovative start up known for powerfully built but moderately priced gadgets seem poised to achieve its goals. The two recent releases announced today affirms that Xiaomi is serious about diversifying. The two devices, the Redmi Pro and Mi Notebook Air hold their own, based on the powerful specs they feature.

Redmi Pro camera test images


With a brushed metal body, extra large 4050mAh battery, 13MP dual camera setup, tagging along a price starting at $225 is beyond awesome. But of all the specs the Redmi Pro boasts of, the 13MP dual cameras at the rear should be its most spectacular feature. The high-end  Sony IMX258 sensor on the cameras leaves little to the imagination as to the image quality we should expect and sure the cameras haven’t disappointed, that is if the test images we’ve seen purportedly taken by the Xiaomi Redmi Pro’s dual main cameras.

Xiaomi-Redmi-Pro-camera-test-images (8)

There are two cameras on board the smartphone, a 13MP (Sony) sensor + 5MP depth sensor (Samsung) at the rear with f/2.0 aperture and a 5MP front facing cam. The sensors also packs phase-detection pixels that makes auto-focus faster. Tests have shown repeatedly that large pixels don’t necessarily guarantee quality image outputs, perhaps that is why Xiaomi added a second 5MP camera at the rear with the duo functioning together to capture one image. What the second camera at the rear does is that it captures images simultaneously with the main rear camera and allows you to refocus the image after you’ve captured it. There’s also a slider which allows you to control the amount of blur on the background, so you can achieve a bokeh effect at our image’s background similar to those DLSR are capable of.

Xiaomi-Redmi-Pro-camera-test-images (4)

The samples from Xiaomi better explains the capabilities of the dual cameras which the Redmi Pro features at its rear. The images captures the attention of any viewer with their crisp, clear, flawlessly sharp focus image amidst blurred background. It would be overly ambitious to suggest that the images are as sharp as those DSLR cameras are capable of, but they are all the same nice. Quite curiously though, there are no images showing how the Redmi Pro would fare in low light conditions. Maybe we’ll see those in coming days but for now enjoy these great shots from the Redmi Pro dual-camera’s shutters.

Remi Pro camera test imagesRemi Pro camera test imagesRemi Pro camera test imagesRemi Pro camera test imagesRemi Pro camera test images

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  • mudi1

    bound to say but idiots running and ruining xiaomi……from 3rd to 6th(in china)-

    13Mp+5MP(depth sensor) is just idiotic…….. that 5MP sensor wont help in overall picture quality just for shallow depth of field ….
    iMX258 is nothing impressive its good in daylight but struggles heavily in low light coz of small unit cell size 1.12u…. yes big pixel are not necessary in day light but in low light big pixel+OIS is undisputed king.
    in short upcoming Asus zenfone 3 gonna kill this crap just coz of one feature i.e. OIS …. OIS allows 3-5X slower shutter speed means astonishing pictures in low light in addition to that zenfone 3 has IMX298 image sensor which xiaomi uses in flagship mi5.

    ideal configuration for redmi pro-
    1. 12MP IMX377 sensor +OIS………this setup will be far better than then this dual crap.
    i know IMX377 is not easy coz of cost so alternative is OV12890 its 1/2.3 12MP 1.55u big pixel stacked sensor which can shoot 1080p at 240fps plus very good noise to signal ratio.

    some facts –
    huawei does its best in P9 dual camera but still galaxy S7 crushes P9 dual camera without breaking a sweat coz dual camera has biggest drawback which is they cant use OIS …….. and OIS is key of low light photography.
    (i dont believe some famous reviewers coz they used tripod with P9……..who the hell carry tripod with smartphone …. means bribe )

    all sample pictures r taken using tripod no doubt means in reality camera quality will be worse for sure.

    • Bastian

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    • Assefa Hanson

      Its not that duoscopic lens can’t use ois its just very difficult at this stage

    • Lemmy

      Great insight…but all theories. The camera’s given us some awesome shots tripod or not, that is practical! A hands-on review of the camera will throw further insight in the near future…Yes Xiaomi stylishly ignored talking about the cam’s performance in low light conditions. Perhaps its just fair in that aspect, nothing spectacular. Huawei had to use a DSLR to try to convince us that the P9’s dual setup does well in low light conditions but they were busted!

    • daniel

      You want to compare a cell in the range of $ 200 US dollars with a $ 500?

  • Lemmy

    Wowwww. some great shots

  • Frank Wu

    I don’t care about specs but IF this phone can give me these kind of images in real live handling, I will buy it without a second thought!!

  • Lesly Leon Lee

    Looks like a whole bunch of photo shopped images or DoF effects done in post using cheap filters. Look at the edges.

  • Coinphone

    Hmmmm… some of the photos look post-processed using applications with tilt-shift effects and after focus…. have to wait till someone actually bought it and write a honest review…