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New Interesting Honor Phone Coming to CES 2017, Honor Magic?

by Jed John 8

Huawei has no doubt, had a highly successful year this 2016, with statistics showing the company surpassed its yearly target of selling 140 million units of its phones this year. What better way to consolidate on that success than to begin the New year with a launch event in one of the most lucrative smartphone market which is also one of Huawei’s target market. Huawei’s Honor brand has teased via Twitter, that the company will be unveiling a brand new “epic” Honor smartphone at CES 2017 holding in Las Vegas on January 3.

honor US

The company was short of announcing the name of the smartphone but the teasers point to a device with dual cameras and that the phone’s camera acts perfectly in low light with an accompanying image purportedly captured by the phone. There is really nothing new about a dual camera smarphone as Huawei has already got the Honor 8 selling in the US with a dual camera setup. What is likely to drop is the innovative Honor Magic which was unveiled in China recently. While we can’t be very sure about that, it is likely that Huawei will introduce the Honor Magic in the US market where it will be affordable to many.

Honor Magic Handson

The Huawei Honor Magic has in its arsenal, a beautiful, sleek design with an hardware setup that makes it a powerful smartphone capable of withstanding the toughest of softwares. Apart from the dual cameras, the Honor Magic also comes with a dual curved display on both the front and back, giving it a unique look.  The Honor Magic sports a 5.09-inch AMOLED display with 2K resolution. The device also tag along the Kirin 950 chipset as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage.The device supports NFC and has a fingerprint sensor embedded under the home button. There is a dual camera setup at the back sitting horizontally with the LED flash at the side. The device crams a 2900mAh battery onboard which is touted as being capable of achieving 90% charge in just 30 minutes.

huawei honor magic

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In addition, Huawei is said to unveil the EMUI 5.0 at CES 2017 and coincidentally, the Honor Magic runs on EMUI 5 based on Android Nougat. The Honor Magic  is priced at 3699 Yuan (~$533) and that’s a very cheap price tag if you take into consideration the rich allure of design and specs it packs.


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  • jolu

    Instant buy if this one makes it to europe.

    • Raky_b

      Well, hinor 8 cost around 358€,and i don’t see any advantages that this one have… Yes it does look cool, and yes it does have some software solution that honor 8 doesn’t have, but as soon as kernel source will be available, all that UI from Magic will be available on8 too.

      • Faux-News

        Not really. It has extra sensors, different battery, different UI (its not EMUI) and so on.

        • Raky_b

          …Lower specs,older HW for a higher price.
          Only thing to here mentiom is battery, i personality couldn’t care less for new sensors, how wil they call their OS and all those spying stuff implemented “to help you use your device easier”.

          • Faux-News

            The 400$ price is for the 32gb model Honor 8, while the Honor magic is at base 64gb. So the increase in price is less than what it seems. The difference in Honor magic as marketed by Huawei is the built quality, fast charging, 2k Amoled display, facecode, Magic Live OS. For some these features are good enough to buy the phone, for others it may not be. Different users different priorities.

          • Raky_b

            Totally agreed with your conclusion

  • pOO boT

    is it better than a cubot phone……LOL

  • pOO boT

    CU bot………………JUNK bot…………………CRAP bot………………..垃圾 bot