Samsung 5100mAh Fast Charge Power Bank Now Official in The US

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Just before the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were launched, a list of official accessories for the phones leaked online. The list included a bunch of cases, chargers and a power bank. Today, Samsung officially launched the power bank in the US.

The power bank has a capacity of 5100mAh that Samsung says should provide up to two full charges. If you own the Galaxy S8, you sure wouldn’t be getting more than a full charge and half; and for the Galaxy S8+, maybe a little more than a full charge.

Available in blue and white, the Samsung battery pack has a strap in the middle that makes carrying it around easy. While it can deliver up to 2A charging speed, it will also charge Samsung phones that support fast charge up to 1.5x faster.

The battery pack has a power button, a USB Type-C input port and a standard USB output port. There is a LED indicator that shows you how much charge you have left. It also comes with a micro USB cable and a USB Type-C adapter. The Samsung power bank supports pass through charging, so you can plug your phone to it while the power bank itself is charging.

Samsung is charging $59.99 for this battery pack and while you may want to buy it to compliment your Galaxy S8 or S8+, you should consider other power banks too. An example is Xiaomi’s Mi Mobile Power 2.

The Mi Mobile Power 2 has a 20,000mAh capacity, that is almost 4 times that of the Samsung power bank. That also means its a lot bigger but you’ll get more charge out of it. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 (5.1V/2.4A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A) via any of its two output ports and 5V/2A, 9V/2A input fast charging. The latter means you will spend less time charging the power bank.

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The best part is it costs less, just ¥149 (roughly $22) on Xiaomi’s website although third party resellers are selling it for almost double the price. If you don’t want the 20,000mAh version, you can pick up the 10,000mAh model which is a lot slimmer but surprisingly sells for the same price.