Xiaomi’s USB Type-C Headphones Won’t Work With All Type-C Smartphones, Company Warns Customers

by Joel 13

Xiaomi isn’t new to USB Type-C smartphones, but it definitely is new to the scene of USB Type-C earphones. The company unveiled its first ever USB Type-C earphones this week and it is said to be the ideal companion to the Xiaomi Mi 6. The new flagship from the company ditches the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, which means you have to use USB Type-C headphones to listen to music on the device.

The Mi USB Type-C earphones boast of active noise cancellation making sure that you can listen to your music even in noisy environments. However, the company was quick to reveal that not all smartphones with USB Type-C connectors will support these headphones. So, which phones are compatible then?

mi headphones disclaimer
Disclaimer on the Mi Type-C headphones page

Xiaomi reveals that the Xiaomi Mi 5, Mi 5S, Mi 5S Plus, Mi Mix, Mi Note 2 and Mi 6 are the officially supported smartphones for this earphone. If you have issues using it on these devices, make sure to update the phone to the latest MIUI stable version. Even Mi 4C, Mi 4S supports this Type-C headphone but some functions like the call button and active noise cancellation may not work.

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It is clearly mentioned that the new Xiaomi headphone is not compatible with Xiaomi Mi 5C and the Redmi Pro models. As for the Type-C phones from other brands, there’s no guarantee that all features like Active Noise Cancellation would work.


Further, Chinese analyst, Sun Changxu warns that the Xiaomi Type-C headphones would only work with integrated audio Type-C smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 6. If you try it with other types of USB-C phones, you could damage the earphone or worse, could crash the smartphone.

So make sure you give due consideration to the model that you are going to use with these headphones before you purchase it.