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iPhone SE 2017 Rumored to Launch in August and iPhone 8 May Debut in October

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 4

In March, Apple had introduced a new 128 GB storage version for the 4-inch iPhone SE. There have been mixed rumors on whether Apple would be releasing a successor for the iPhone SE. In May, leaked photos of Ion-X glass rear for the iPhone SE 2017 had appeared. New information that Apple may release the second-generation iPhone SE as early as in the coming month.

iGeneration, a French site, claims that Apple will be holding an unveil event to debut the iPhone SE 2 in August. According to the report, the iPhone SE 2 would be priced at 399 euros. This is quite less than the 489 euros pricing for the 32 GB model and 599 euros for the 128 GB model of the existing iPhone SE. The initially launched 16 GB iPhone SE has been discontinued.

There is no information available on the technical specifications of the iPhone SE 2. However, a report that had appeared in May that revealed the glass rear of the purported iPhone SE 2. To be precise, the shell of the iPhone SE 2 was said to be made up of Ion-X glass. This material is flexible, lighter but costs lower than sapphire and it does not scratch easily.

iPhone SE 2

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The LED flash can be seen sitting below the rear camera. The original iPhone SE has a metallic body and the LED flash for the rear camera is present on the same line. Other reports suggested that these glass panels do not belong to iPhone SE 2, but they belong to a phone from 360 Mobiles that has been fitted with an Apple logo.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether Apple will be really releasing an upgraded version of iPhone SE. Last year’s iPhone SE was based on the iPhone 6S as it features the same A9 chipset, 2 GB and 12-megapixel. There is a possibility that the iPhone SE 2 could be based on the iPhone 7.

According to Pan Jiutang, a Chinese analyst that the 4-inch iPhone SE that is currently available by Apple will not be refreshed. Hence, those who prefer to buy a compact iPhone should go ahead and purchase before it is discontinued.

However, the French publication claims that Apple will be holding two launch events in the near future. The first one would be unveiling the second-gen iPhone SE in August and there would be another launch event in October to unleash the highly anticipated iPhone 8.




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  • j238

    Discontinuing the iPhone SE would be cutting off Apple from the millions of customers who want a properly sized hand-held mobile phone. Great opportunity for Android if they did that.

  • Chuck Cruise

    Who cares about apple anymore? Over priced, 3 year old technology. I used to be an apple fan. I’ve had every phone right up to my current 7 plus, then I met the Samsung S8+. I’ve never looked back at apple since. The next iPhone is going to be a Samsung phone in an apple shell. The only difference is the operating systems with android being more superior.

    • eliHd452

      As much I hate apple I think they are a trend setter and yes they may be overprice and have 3years old technology however companies look up to them especially Chinese c
      Oems. If the rumours are try that iphone 8 will have vertical dual cameras I bet you that next year 99% Chinese oems will have the same layout cameras (especially Oppo)

    • Joran Bloem

      Apple oroducts are surprisingly fast in rral life, because they have little going on in the background. There’s no point to more than 3 or 4 GB of RAM in an Apple product so far, whereas 6-8GB still has benefits on android.