MediaTek Forced To Cut Helio P23 Prices To Take On The Cheaper Snapdragon 450

by Habeeb Onawole 4

The battle for the middle-range is between Qualcomm and Mediatek. Both chip makers have new processors for that category: Qualcomm has the 14nm Snapdragon 450 and MediaTek has the 16nm Helio P23. To win clients, Qualcomm has reduced the price of the SDM450 to $10.50, a move that may force MediaTek to do the same.

MTK Helio P23

Lowering the price isn’t easy for MediaTek. Samsung makes the Snapdragon 450 for Qualcomm and report says it has offered Qualcomm a wafer price of $2500. MediaTek on the other hand is charged over $3500 per wafer by TSMC.

Sources say the Helio P23 was previously priced at about $15. To secure orders from its-China based clients, the price was brought down to between $11 and $12. Now that the Snapdragon 450 is selling for $10.50, MediaTek, may have to lower prices further to keep its clients.

The Helio P23 is scheduled for a Q4 launch and it already has orders from OPPO, Vivo, Gionee and Meizu. MediaTek targets 5 to 6 million shipments per month for the chip.

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The Helio P23 is an octa-core cortex-A53 processor with a PowerVR 7XTP GPU. It will have support for dual cameras and LPPDR4X RAM and should start appearing in devices before the end of the year.