Th Best Clear Image Of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Here, Bonus Front Panel & Screenshot Images

by Joel 19

Xiaomi Mi 6 is already late and fans just can’t wait to see the phone being launched officially. As we near the release date of the device, which should be somewhere around mid-April, more and more leaks and rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 6 have started to come in. We have already seen the Mi 6 renders that show off the dual cameras, as well as a blurred image of the flagship with the same setup. Now, we finally have a good look at the Xiaomi Mi 6’s back in good clarity. In case you are wondering, it’s the same image as yesterday, but this one is much clearer than before.

Xiaomi Mi 6 real phone leak 01


Yes, this is the first time we are seeing the Mi 6 in such clarity and the phone definitely has taken a familiar design language as other Xiaomi Mi branded phones. There’s the curved back as well as dual cameras on top. From the back, the phone reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi Note which was announced a couple of years back. We have one more image of the phone, which is once again clear, but a bit confusing. The phone below shows the dual tone flash on the right, while the one above has the flash to the left. Now, if you remember, the first image that we saw related to the phone was the leaked Xiaomi Mi 6 case and it had an opening for the flash before the dual cameras. So, the picture above could be the real deal.

xiaomi mi 6 image

Now apart from these two conflicting images of the Mi 6, we have also got what looks like the front panel of the device.

Mi 6 Front Panel leak

Now, there’s something interesting about this Xiaomi Mi 6 front panel. The one who leaked this image also revealed that the phone comes with a special cut out on the top, for what looks like an iris sensor. Now remember, it’s not easy to get quick results with iris recognition, which is why Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to add a facial recognition feature. So, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi decides to add an iris sensor on its important Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship. Well, if you are curious, below is an image of what looks like a teaser from Xiaomi about Iris recognition. Remember, this is not an official teaser, just a leak.


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Mi 6 Iris recognition teaser
It Says: Apart From Fingerprint Sensor, What Else?

Now, finally, we have some images of the ‘about section’ of the phone. The screen seems to confirm it’s the Xiaomi Mi 6 with MIUI 8. What’s interesting about this screenshot is that it’s showing 8GB of RAM on board and 64GB of storage. So, is it time for 8GB RAM to become mainstream on phones, starting with the Mi 6? Can’t say yet. It’s always best if you take these leaks with a pinch of salt.

Xiaomi Mi 6 screenshot
image source: Slashleaks

Xiaomi Mi 6 screenshot

Another thing you notice is that there is no additional sensor on top of this phone. Unlike what the leaked Mi 6 front panel revealed.

To be honest, at this moment, it’s very hard to confirm what’s true and what’s not. Dual cameras seem to be the only constant among these leaks. So, maybe we can say that the Mi 6 will come with two cameras at the back. But even their placement is disputable at this moment.

Overall, today’s series of Xiaomi Mi 6 leaks were rather confusing.

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