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Th Best Clear Image Of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Is Here, Bonus Front Panel & Screenshot Images

by Joe 19

Xiaomi Mi 6 is already late and fans just can’t wait to see the phone being launched officially. As we near the release date of the device, which should be somewhere around mid-April, more and more leaks and rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 6 have started to come in. We have already seen the Mi 6 renders that show off the dual cameras, as well as a blurred image of the flagship with the same setup. Now, we finally have a good look at the Xiaomi Mi 6’s back in good clarity. In case you are wondering, it’s the same image as yesterday, but this one is much clearer than before.

Xiaomi Mi 6 real phone leak 01


Yes, this is the first time we are seeing the Mi 6 in such clarity and the phone definitely has taken a familiar design language as other Xiaomi Mi branded phones. There’s the curved back as well as dual cameras on top. From the back, the phone reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi Note which was announced a couple of years back. We have one more image of the phone, which is once again clear, but a bit confusing. The phone below shows the dual tone flash on the right, while the one above has the flash to the left. Now, if you remember, the first image that we saw related to the phone was the leaked Xiaomi Mi 6 case and it had an opening for the flash before the dual cameras. So, the picture above could be the real deal.

xiaomi mi 6 image

Now apart from these two conflicting images of the Mi 6, we have also got what looks like the front panel of the device.

Mi 6 Front Panel leak

Now, there’s something interesting about this Xiaomi Mi 6 front panel. The one who leaked this image also revealed that the phone comes with a special cut out on the top, for what looks like an iris sensor. Now remember, it’s not easy to get quick results with iris recognition, which is why Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to add a facial recognition feature. So, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi decides to add an iris sensor on its important Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship. Well, if you are curious, below is an image of what looks like a teaser from Xiaomi about Iris recognition. Remember, this is not an official teaser, just a leak.


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Mi 6 Iris recognition teaser
It Says: Apart From Fingerprint Sensor, What Else?

Now, finally, we have some images of the ‘about section’ of the phone. The screen seems to confirm it’s the Xiaomi Mi 6 with MIUI 8. What’s interesting about this screenshot is that it’s showing 8GB of RAM on board and 64GB of storage. So, is it time for 8GB RAM to become mainstream on phones, starting with the Mi 6? Can’t say yet. It’s always best if you take these leaks with a pinch of salt.

Xiaomi Mi 6 screenshot
image source: Slashleaks

Xiaomi Mi 6 screenshot

Another thing you notice is that there is no additional sensor on top of this phone. Unlike what the leaked Mi 6 front panel revealed.

To be honest, at this moment, it’s very hard to confirm what’s true and what’s not. Dual cameras seem to be the only constant among these leaks. So, maybe we can say that the Mi 6 will come with two cameras at the back. But even their placement is disputable at this moment.

Overall, today’s series of Xiaomi Mi 6 leaks were rather confusing.

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  • Saku

    What? Is this bogus? I mean, wasn’t it confirmed that Mi6 will get a single IMX400 sensor at the back?

    • Joe

      Nothing is confirmed. The specs sheet was just another leak and so is this. All these leaks are not from concrete sources, so best take it with a pinch of salt.

      • Saku

        Oh, okay. News about Mi6 always makes me curious. Hope even the base variant has dual camera.

        • balcobomber25

          I hope it has a good camera. Dual camera isn’t necessary for that.

    • Yaweh

      I think the 6+ will have dual cameras and the 6 will have a single IMX400 sensor

  • Mosh

    This year we go back to samsung & apple. meizu and xiaomi have nothing for 2017! poor designs coming such giants show stagnant growth. Nothing to impress fans anymore, not price not design, sad!

    • balcobomber25

      You mean like the S8 that is heavily inspired by the Mi Mix?

      Also we haven’t exactly seen anything for 2017 from either Xiaomi or Meizu. This is a leak that is unconfirmed.

      • Mosh

        Mi mix is not curved my friend its just bezeless. I want something i can also hold in the hand without feeling as its bulky. You know what i mean. Samsung has never borrowed designs from xiaomi, if i can remind you, Xiaomi borrows everything inside their phones, sony camera, Samsung/LG display, Sony battery, Samsung chips, Snapdragon processor, then they assemble into something nice and cheap, just the other day Xiaomi has started manufacturing processors, 16nm for a fact, we are in 2017 14nm was 2016…2017 is 10nm low power and high performance dies…please xiaomi is just cheap but technology belongs to samsung and apple….iris sensors, when will meizu or xiaomi implement their own??

        • balcobomber25

          LOL, Samsung was so inspired by the Mi Mix they created a new “infinity display” (which nearly copies a marketing term used by Dell) that is near bezeless.

          So Xiaomi borrows everything inside their devices but Samsung doesn’t? They use Qualcomm chips, Sony sensors and they even buy some of their displays from rival LG. Keep trying buddy. Xiaomi’s processor is actually 28nm, the same as the chip used in the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro that was just released in November…

    • androwin

      No, YOU go back to Samsung and Apple (NOT WE), I and many people care about performance and battery life (with better value, of course) not the look and style that mostly girls care about.

      • Mosh

        Oh are you talking performance? Kindly check the leading performance details of flagship devices, secondly xiaomis flasgship device is the mi6, brother, i have used mi 5, mi note 3, 4, and clearly in terms of design the S8 is on another level if compared to the upcoming mi6! The only thing i agree is mi6 is cheaper but in terms of technology and sensors stacked on board! Xiaomi needs time to catch up.

        • balcobomber25

          The current leading devices are the iPhone 7 and Huawei P10 from a performance standpoint. When the Mi6 releases it will have the same performance as the S8 (both are going to use the SD835), the Mi6 will cost hundreds less.

          You do realize Xiaomi uses many of the same sensors and chips as Samsung?

  • irafaz

    Why do Xiaomi persist on always using hardware navigation keys instead of software equivalents? Just look at the Mix and how gorgeous the software buttons make it look! And it’s much more customizable!

    • balcobomber25

      There’s no telling if this is actually real, Xiaomi leaks are numerous before a launch. Most turn out to be false.

      Also the Mix was a concept phone. Xiaomi created it to show what was possible and get feedback on new design directions. Based on how that went will determine if they switch to on screen or keep using hardware buttons. But hardware buttons are just as customizable in MIUI. You can change them to just about anything you want with the right tweaks.

  • Goran Nađ

    Ok..if this is MI6 . i am not buying it. I have MI5 pro and it is better design than this. I have expected more screen (not like MIX) but more bezelles, smaller button (home button). Screw the dual camera when face of the device looks like crap. This is not flagship this is lack of imagination and hard work.

  • Qidamin

    Why going back to Mi5 design? I would have preferred metal body like Mi5s…

    • balcobomber25

      Xiaomi has hinted that glass and ceramic is the future of their phone builds for premium models. The Mi Mix, one of my current phones, is ceramic and future Mi models will share a lot in common with it.


    The screeshot clearly shows 256 GB of ROM and not 64 GB (as you mentioned in your article above) along with 8 GB of RAM.It’s the premium variant,I guess.

  • balcobomber25

    The Mi6 isn’t exactly late. Xiaomi has never followed a typical release schedule for Mi phones. The 5 was launched in April, the 4 in July and the 3 in September.