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OnePlus 5 Latest Rumors: Dual Cameras & A Decent Battery

by Jed John 8

The leaks and rumours keep coming out and when they are pieced together, it becomes easy to understand why the OnePlus 5 is generating so many attention. Two separate leaks pointing at the possible camera type and battery capacity recently appeared online.OnePlus 5

One of the leaked photos is that of a retail box for the OnePlus flagship which appeared on Android Authority. The leak shows the OnePlus 5 would come with a dual camera setup and from the look of things, OnePlus will project the device using the dual cameras as one of the main features onboard. It is not as if this is the first time we are getting this leaked detail but this tends to confirm or at least lend more weight to the earlier rumors and renders showing the OP5 with dual cam.

The second leak comes in from China and reveals the OnePlus 5 would come with a 3,300mAh battery. No other detail is visible except that the battery spec is for the OP5. Despite the fact that it is a little lower than the 3400mAH battery on the OnePlus 3T, it is still pretty large and may be due to the fact that the OP5 would be thin. The device will likely also come with OnePlus’ trademark DASH charge fast charging technology.OP 5

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The OnePlus flagship’s launch date is not known but it is believed to be not too long from now. A couple of leaks about that point at a launch on June 15 but we really can’t say if that will happen. But OnePlus seems to have intensified its efforts towards preparing for the eventual launch. Just recently, the company sought the opinions of fans in China to determine what the box casing would look like and also kickstarted a competition that would see 10 lucky fans get the opportunity to test the OP5’s camera.

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  • mopsert

    3300 mAh? Why? Thin! Who needs thin? I expected at least 3800 mAh! Just so it is 6.9 mm thin instead of a terribly clumsy 7.8 mm or so… Stupid!

    • Ahmad Bilal

      If you think you are smarter than them, then make your own product! Dont use “stupid” people product!!

      • mopsert

        Was Samsung smarter when they released the S6 with 2550 mAh just to increase the battery in the next year’s S7 to 3000 mAh or Meizu when releasing the Pro 6 with 2560 mAh just to follow with the Pro 6s sporting 3060 mAh?

        Now OnePlus goes from 3400 mAh in the 3t to 3300 mAh in it’s successor, the OP5. Now tell me again about not using the word stupid!

        • Ahmad Bilal

          Shit talk! They are smart and very succesfull company, they know their product should be, 3300 mAh with 10nm chipset vs 3400 mah on 14nm is compareable and I’m sure they decide that because they smart, I’m also quite sure they will release oneplus 5t with bigger battery and minor upgrade to boost their sales. If you think they are stupid, then forget about their product and buy something you think smart or you can make your own smart product!

          • mopsert

            Sacrificing battery time for a marginal thinner body, that has no benefit, but is only a marketing stunt, especially when offering Otter cases or similar that make the phone bulkier anyway, is stupid!

          • Ahmad Bilal

            Fanboy who? I’m sure oneplus 5 is more succesfull than oneplus 3&3t.. Dont talk about case as that is not a phone! 3300 mAh is big enough for 5.5 amoled with 10nm chipset. If you think they are stupid, I dare you dont buy Oneplus product

          • mopsert

            I bet the OP5 would be successful if they build in a 2200 mAh battery.

            The 3000 mAh of the OP3 are enough to give me 2 days of Stand-by with 5-6h of DOT.

            I understand, that optimizing the system has a huge impact on battery time. And you are probably right, that the 3300 mAh in the OP5 will give better battery time than the 3400 mAh in the OP3t.

            Still I consider sacrificing battery capacity for a marginally thinner body stupid.

  • Vijay Kumar Sood

    Size zero fashion in Phones reflects human trait towards thin, but surely a silly Mili addition of thickness would still have kept the OnePlus5, svelte at 7.5mm or so. Every fashionably thin phone user dreads the approach of 5 PM and low battery.