OnePlus 5 Specs Rumor Roundup: All You Need To Know About The Flagship Killer Launching Tomorrow

by Joel 1

OnePlus 5 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated flagship smartphones of 2017. Our wait ends tomorrow, i.e. June 20 when the company will officially launch the smartphone. Just two days later, the OnePlus 5 will be launched in India, which has become an important market for the brand. While OnePlus has revealed quite a lot of details regarding the OnePlus 5 in the past few weeks, we know almost everything about the upcoming flagships, thanks to the numerous leaks and rumors going around the internet. Some of the leaks did contradict at first, but as the release date neared, the leaks became more or less similar and before its official launch, we have a very good idea as to what to expect from the flagship.


OnePlus 5 Design

Oneplus 5 render

One of the areas, where you might be disappointed with the new OnePlus 5 is the design. But before we jump on to the design department, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus has skipped the naming, ‘OnePlus 4’ which should have been the logical successor to the OnePlus 3T. The company has confirmed that they are skipping the OP4 name in favor of OnePlus 5, but the exact reason for such a jump is not explained.  It is worth noting that ‘4’ is considered as an unlucky number in Chinese, so the brand probably decided to play it safe by going for a more luck friendly number, hence the name OnePlus 5.

Coming back to the design, you won’t be wrong to say the design resembles the iPhone 7 Plus. Heck, for that matter, the phone looks like the OPPO R11 that was unveiled just recently. To be honest, the design is not at all bad to look at, but the lack of originality is something that could bother some OnePlus fans. Being fair, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus 3T didn’t exactly have a revolutionary design, but it was well accepted by customers worldwide. We could see something similar with the OnePlus 5 as well, especially after hearing the comments from one of the OnePlus’ Product managers.

While you may have already seen renders from the company, note that OnePlus CEO claims that it will be one of the thinnest flagships in the market right now. OP3T is pretty thin at 7.5mm, so it’s safe to assume that the CEO is probably talking about a thickness below the 7mm mark.

OnePlus 5 TV ad
OnePlus 5 TV ad reveals the design

Metal should be the ideal choice for the body, with the antenna lines hiding near the top and bottom edges. The front features a physical home button that looks bigger than the one on the OP3T. It should also feature the fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 5 actual image

Overall, the design isn’t revolutionary, but if you can ignore the striking resemblance to other smartphones like the OPPO R11, you should be okay with the phone’s appearance. We haven’t got a confirmation about the headphone jack, but considering OnePlus CEO’s earlier comments, we would be really surprised to see the phone without the traditional 3.5mm jack.


OnePlus 5 Specs

The OnePlus 5 will come with a Snapdragon 835 chipset inside along with at least 6GB and 8GB RAM options. The storage variants are not yet revealed but expect at least 64GB and 128GB editions. No information about a MicroSD card slot, so we’ll have to wait for the official release for this. As for the battery, there are currently two rumors going around — one claiming a large 3600mAh battery inside and another one claiming a decent 3300mAh battery. Dash charging should be of the new generation, which is said to be 25% faster than its previous gen.

A very recent report about the phone’s display revealed that it will support DCI-P3 color space, ensuring amazing display quality. The panel should be Optic AMOLED as the OP3T since Carl Pei recently confirmed continued support for this display type for a foreseeable future.




OnePlus 5 camera

OnePlus will be joining the likes of iPhones 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi 6, OPPO R11 and others by equipping its newest flagships with a dual camera setup at the back. It won’t likely be a wide angle + telephoto setup as the Mi 6, rather, it should be similar to the Huawei P10’s monochrome + RGB setup. The samples revealed by the company’s CEO look pretty good so far, including a series of images showing off the phone’s HDR prowess. There are actually quite a number of samples taken from the OP5 already revealed to us and you can check them out here. One of the Chinese bloggers with access to the phone even said that the camera is at par with the Samsung Galaxy S8. So, we are all excited to see the real camera performance of the device. While we don’t know the exact camera specs of the setup, expect something like a 23MP + 16MP rear setup and a 16MP front setup.

camera sample from OP5
camera sample from the OP5


OnePlus 5 Pricing, Release & Availability

OnePlus will officially announce the OnePlus 5 on June 20, although a worldwide release date is not yet revealed. But in India, you can get the phone starting June 22, exclusively via Amazon.

Pricing is said to be higher than the previous generation OnePlus flagships, but it should be still within the affordable flagship segment. You can expect the OnePlus 5 to retail for anywhere near $500 (maybe even $520) but the more likely price tag should be $499.

Just one day remain for the OnePlus 5 to be officially announced and all of these details will be confirmed once the phone is launched tomorrow.