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EXCLUSIVE: This Is The OnePlus 5T With A Tall 6-inch 18:9 Display

by Joe 55

The OnePlus 5 has been selling well for the past four months, but it looks like a successor is already on its way. Our source reveals to us that a new model, which will go by the name of the OnePlus 5T will release in November 2017. This is very similar to what OnePlus did in 2016, releasing the OnePlus 3T just five months after the OnePlus 3.

So, what’s new in the OnePlus 5T?

At this moment, we have only a few details about the upcoming model. The biggest upgrade is said to be in the display department, with the company bumping up the screen size on the 5T model to 6-inches with 2160 x 1080p resolution, thereby making it an 18:9 smartphone. Major manufacturers, including ones like Vivo have released 18:9 flagship smartphones this year, so it makes sense for OnePlus to jump on the tall display bandwagon with a new model. But the OnePlus 5 is already up to date with powerful specs, so it will be interesting to see if there are any other upgrades in the new model’s specifications.

OnePlus 5T Render Gizmo

We have also got a low resolution render of the OnePlus 5T model. We can’t deny that the phone seems to draw its inspiration from the Galaxy S8 on the front. The bezels are thin on the top as well as the bottom and the 18:9 aspect ratio is evident from the taller than usual design. What’s even more interesting is that the sides look curved. Our source couldn’t confirm whether the phone has a curved edge display, so we can’t be sure of it right now. The render looks identical to the recently leaked OPPO F5, but our source claims that this is what the OnePlus 5T will look like as well, at least from the front.

While OnePlus is yet to confirm the launch of a new model, there are indications that a new model could be on its way. The OnePlus 5 is already out of stock in many countries right now.

Our source has been reliable in the past, so we are 80% sure that this information will turn out to be true. The internet has been silent about the existence of the OnePlus 5T so far, therefore we’ll have to wait and see whether more details emerge in the coming weeks. The launch is said to be around early November, so there isn’t a lot of time left for its official unveil.


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  • androwin

    Only design difference will not make a big change for this company and I’ll repeat:

    Competitors have many advantages over these guys, like LG, Samsung, Huawei and Sony… for example they all have headphone jack (ok, check. OP support it) AND microSD card slot (needed for both storage expansion and for faster file transferring between devices). They don’t have a chance unless they add same features + more (wireless charging/water resistance/dual-speakers/IR blaster etc..) it’s the only way for them to win more customers… Other than that they will not get near the big boys.

    • balcobomber25

      “Other than that they will not get near the big boys.”

      You use the word “big boy” but you mention LG and Sony. Neither of those companies are “big boys”. The LG G6 was a flop and failed to meet LG’s target of 2 million sales. Sony sold a total of 14.6 million phones total in 2016. The “big boy” companies sell more phones than that in a month. OnePlus isn’t trying to compete with Samsung or Huawei, that’s why they sell their flagship for hundreds less than both of those companies.

      • jimberkas

        I kinda like the LG G6 and I’m kinda surprised its flopped. i don’t own it, just played with a friends. Anyway, how you liking the V20? There’s been some good deals on it lately and I’m seriously considering it. I’ll probably wait til Black Friday to see what kind of deals are out there.

        • Charoen P

          I got the v20 it’s good with great screen, good cameras, removable battery and great sound. Battery died fast if you shoot a lot of photos so get a spare battery.

          • Martin Jastram

            how about updates?
            as far as i know, a question, lg doesn´t like to answer….

        • balcobomber25

          I love it. It is a huge phone but the audio is fantastic and I love the second screen.

    • ibuprofène

      who care about micro sd when u have 64go on,the phone and about jack when you have usb C which give better sound..

      • matthew rosner

        I have a galaxy s8+ and have a 128gb card that I got for a steal at around 40$. That amazing 64gb you talk about, fills up mighty fast due to my entire music library of over 5000 songs plus the 1000s of high quality pics/vids that this phone takes. Don’t even mention the cloud for memory cause that’s a joke (unless u like running data through the roof or having no access to your stuff when you don’t have an internet connection). And onto the headphone jack, I use mine everyday. I don’t want to have to buy an adapter to use it through USB C. My issue is using it at night when I’m going to bed and my phone is dying. Now what? I need an adapter to charge and listen to music? That’s just silly. The death of the 3.5mm jack is happening premature (thanks apple). The biggest problem is the headphone is going from a universal standard to multiple different proprietary models. Let’s fragment the world some more! Myself personally could live without the headphone jack, but not the micro sd card. I wish removable batteries were still a thing. I’m surprised Samsung didn’t move back to that after note 7 flare up (which would of been easily corrected by a removable battery). Please use logic when you think and you will realize that expandable memory and a 3.5mm jack do not limit functionality, they actually increase it. Being brainwashed by companies so they can turn profit is not healthy for the rest of the consumers.

      • Jeremy Clements

        OnePlus is using the USB-C connector, but it is still USB 2.0. we gain nothing with the USB-C except the convenience of plugging it in on the first try.

        BTW, my OP2 doesn’t hold the USB-C connector well (it did a year ago). It easily backs out with the slightest bump. The “convenience” of USB-C is negated by the frustration of waking up to a drained phone because it wasn’t fully plugged in the night before.

        • Martin Jastram

          there is not much good things, i can say about my op2.
          but you´re the first to complain about the USBC connector.
          that´s the only improvement on this phone that was worth it for me.
          mine is still crisp and clicky.
          maybe you should go and exchange it, if you get the parts.
          the OP2 is easily opened and repaired.

          • Jeremy Clements

            I haven’t heard other complaints about the USB-C connector, so I assumed it was a relatively rare issue. I didn’t mean to imply that it was common.

            My knowledge tends to outpace my skills. Even with good instructions, I can’t get past being “tool-retarded”.

            Considering the OP2 is no longer supported (and a bit of a disappointment to start with), I’m waiting for the OP5 (or OP5T) to get back in stock. If OP5T comes with a much bigger price, and no other improvements, I’ll have to consider other manufacturers.

          • Martin Jastram

            lol, tool-retarded 🙂 at least it´s an honest remark :-))
            in that case you´re problably better off, getting a new one.

            and by the way,you´re totally justified in being dissapointed with the OP2.
            it wasn´t very good to beginn with and on the long run they didn´t treat it – or rather it´s customers – very well.
            including promises, that weren´t kept.

            from OPs point of view they probably had reason to do so,as the OP2 turned out to not sell well – due to it´s problematic hardware.

            i felt ripped off too and swore to not buy from OP again.
            and here i am, obviously in the market for a OP5.
            but as much as i hate beeing fooled by them again and again, i still feel, that they´re the only ones who have at least an idea about how to make a great smartphone.
            so what can i do? i suppose, i just go and buy a OP5…

            sorry for the rambling… :-/

          • Jeremy Clements

            “Tool-retarded” – I actually coined the phrase about 12 years ago (out of necessity). I actually use it in job interviews to make clear that I am not the man they want for “mechanical” issues… I’m “controls”.

            As for the rest, I’ve always liked the Nexus phones, and the Pixel is the next step. I just can’t justify $1000 for a phone. I don’t like Samsung’s OS, so they’re out. It looks like OP5 is the best phone to meet my needs (and preferences).

            I, too, swore off OnePlus when they proved the pattern of dropping support “early”. When OP5 came with the big price increase, I swore I wouldn’t even consider it. However, it IS flagship-level hardware for (near) mainstream price. If I decide I don’t like OxygenOS, or they leave us hanging again, there’s a strong community making other ROMs. In the end, support is the only reason I’ve stayed on the fence so long. Oddly, just as I decided to upgrade, the OP5 went out of stock. Guess I get to wait and see…

          • Martin Jastram

            funny, we got more in common than i thought 🙂
            only difference is the tool retarded part – I´m a carpenter.
            so that part goes sufficiently well for me….
            for the rest – even the “waited too long” part aplies to me….
            good luck my friend! lets wait together in unity 😉

          • Rafaelprado

            Huge part of price of OnePlus being fairly cheaper than the “BigOnes” is their intend on providing a shorter support. Most of users buy them for using a nearrly stock andoroid. Would you pay £150 £200 more on it to have an extra year of software support or do it yourself at no cost with the support of existing communities?
            Mine 3T just died, my water resistant bag was not so Sea water resistant… So for sure will use my oldL LG G4 till next OP release.

          • Jeremy Clements

            I understand the 2-year support cycle. They’ve been upfront about that, so I have no issue with the short cycle. However, Al most a full year after Google released Nougat, and after several months of Nougat being “on the way” for OP2, they suddenly declared support for OP2 to be over and dropped the update altogether.

            THAT is an issue. Declaring 2 years of support then dragging out the last 6 months with empty promises is the guaranteed way to upset your customer base.

            As I’ve said before, I somewhat understand OP1 not getting Marshmallow, but OP2 and OPX certainly should have received Nougat.

            I like OnePlus’s approach with a “vanilla” Android experience. I think it tends to be a much better approach than all these skinned releases. Android is solid from a performance and UI perspective, and doesn’t need to be “special” to be good.

      • Charoen P

        I think a lot of people care about both things

      • Martin Jastram

        usbc with usb 2.0. nothing better here.
        i don´t ccare too much for the jack. but i can see how it is a bummer for a lot of people.

  • Nadav

    This is the Oppo F5 you fuc*ing id*ots, that picture is all over the web already. Just google “Oppo F5” and see for yourself.

    • Axes

      and the OP5 is Oppo R11 so I don’t find that impossible for OP5T to look like this

      • Nadav

        That exact same photo with the exact wallpaper is the Oppo F5. There could be a OnePlus 5T that looks similar, but it doesn’t make the article less fake.

        • Daniel McDermott

          I can agree with you the render is definitely the OP5, but it seems the source was just using it to explain the 5t will look identical. Regardless, i’m sure we’ll be finding out soon, the 5 is selling out almost everywhere, and OnePlus is not saying when or if the phone will come back in stock, vaguely saying to “please stay tuned to our social media channels for announcements”.

          • Nadav

            I have the OnePlus 5, its a great phone. We’ll wait and see. I just had problem with the title “EXCLUSIVE: THIS IS THE ONEPLUS 5T”. They obviously tried to clickbait pepole (:

        • Let’s find the answer in November.

    • Yes, Oneplus has same part suppliers with Oppo, so it’s possible 🙂

      • Bojan Radovanović

        “Oneplus has same part suppliers with Oppo”…and a same owner, it is produced in same factory, just a design is a little bit different.

        • balcobomber25

          They are owned by OPPO but they aren’t always made in the same factory. Some of them are made in BBK’s own factories that make OPPO and Vivo phones, some of them are contracted out and made in a plant owned by Xiaomi and Foxconn.

      • mohit dave

        Again the build quality is different

    • Daniel McDermott

      It says right in the article the source claims the front is near identical to the F5. They’re the same company, so it wouldn’t be a shocker if they have similarities.

      • Nadav

        He edited the article, there was no mention of the Oppo F5 before. And I know, OnePlus is basically Oppo.

  • Zero

    Maybe this is the discarded 5T but it will be the OP6

  • LiczySieDystans

    Fake as hell

  • Maged Samuel

    I haven’t owned any product yet from OnePlus but I’ve been following their phones and watching reviews since a long time ago…etc. One thing that scares me about this company is that they’re still kinda small and the software issues I read all over the internet scares the heck out of me e.g. wifi issues, touch screen issues, bleeding effect, bluetooth issues. I wanna buy a phone that doesn’t break my wallet but at the same time I don’t want to buy a phone with crappy buggy software and just wait & wait for the company to release updates to fix things that were supposed to work right in the first place!

    • UsernameCensored

      Don’t be scared. I had a OnePlus One for 3 full years and it was a rock-solid phone with no issues at all, after the first couple of updates came out for it.

      • Jeremy Clements

        Passed my OP1 to the wife, and have had OP2 for 2 years. Though the OP2 was barely better than the OP1, my constant complaint has been OS support. The 2-years and out support has been a real let down.

        Both phones went out of support before receiving the version of Android that was released prior to “end of support”. OnePlus’s delay-and-drop approach needs to be fixed in the OP3/3T before I can feel comfortable buying another OP phone.

        As for the software issues, OP has been good about prompt bug-fixing. It’s just the major updates that leave me questioning their support.

        • UsernameCensored

          I hear you. I moved to LineageOS as soon as it was available for the OnePlus One. I got *weekly* updates thereafter and it was excellent on the phone.

          • Jeremy Clements

            Updated the OP1 to LineageOS earlier this year. Only lingering issue is Netflix not supporting rooted phones (had to sideload Netflix).

            Would do the same for my OP2, but waiting for bugs to be worked out by LineageOS. I prefer old-but-solid over new-but-buggy on my daily driver. Will root and load LineageOS once reviews say it’s stable.

    • SW issues all seem minor until GPS navigation breaks for months (OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T) and they refuse to acknowledge / fix the problem

  • Jeremy Clements

    No room for the capacitive touch buttons or the home/fingerprint with that taller screen. I like having the capacitive touch buttons, but I’m ok with the fingerprint reader moving to the back, if that’s the plan.

    Would a bump in screen aspect ratio be enough for a model number change, or should there be a bit more? This would be a good opportunity to bump to a QHD display, as well. I agree with OnePlus’s assertions that 4k really doesn’t give you anything in a 5-6″ screen, but QHD could make a difference with all the VR/AR media being made available.

    If the aspect ratio is the only real change, and they bump the price more than a few dollars, then I’ll have to pick up a used OP5 or consider a competitor (some contract plans bring the Google/Samsung flagships near the OP5 price range). My OP2 has been disappointing, and I waited about 2 weeks too long to get the OP5. I’m not waiting another year!

    • Martin Jastram

      i´d surely miss the home button in the front.
      i never liked sammy, but this one thing they got right for a long time.

      I had a bad experience with the OP2 too. still can´t get rid of it due to it in spite fo being a piece of shit still functioning.

      I don´t care too much for the tall displays either.
      if the phone gets significantly pricier, I will finally cease to buy oneplus and maybe turn to the G6.

      • Jeremy Clements

        For all intents and purposes, the OP5 already has the equivalent to a 18:9, when compared to other phones. With the capacitive touch buttons, the portion of the screen freed-up is why Samsung and others are going with the taller screen. I haven’t checked, but I would guess that these 18:9 screens with onscreen menu probably end up an effective 16:9, plus menu.

        I like not having a “sometimes there, sometimes not” menu. I can’t remember the last time I had to swipe a screen to be able to navigate out!

        Oh, wait, I do remember. The capacitive buttons when out on my OP1 for about 2 months due to a “hardware issue” that happened to be fixed by an OTA update. The buttons we’re magically fixed while my OP2 was being shipped… At least my wife got upgraded to the OP1!

        • Martin Jastram

          that´s an interesting observation.
          you´re probably right and may very well be one of the reasons, they are all switching to 18:9. that way they are also avoiding the “mi-mix-chin” that adimittedly didn´t look too good either.

          i used to get along fine with software buttons.
          but with the emergence fo Fingerprint readers and the return of the capacitive buttons i realized, that i love a physical homebutto (on the front) with capacitive buttons alongside and the convenience that goes along with it.
          this is a good expample for a decision of design over function – sadly.

  • Bojan Radovanović

    So, what we can expect is new 50$ increase in price….and if it reassembles OPPO F5, will it come back with one camera configuration???
    ( not a bad thing, see all know that Pixels, S8 and some other has better one-eye camera than OP5 has)

  • Kev Ellis

    Why do people keep saying 18:9, surely that’s just 2:1.

    • Martin Jastram

      it´s because people come from 16:9, 16:10 (which could also translate to 8:5)
      it drives me nuts too, but so do inches and people still use them.

  • Hassan Adebisi

    I can see all comments, no wrong comments at all, everyone is one point, but it now depends on individual choices, even with 3.5mm port present on phones, some users prefer using a Bluetooth headphone set, Apple triggered the removal of the port while LeEco an unknown company who I can say is now in extinct started it, and created the type C port with a type C earpiece of their own with CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) capability, which paid off with great sound output. OEMs r also looking for ways to cut down cost to make more profits. Oneplus is never after any big boys but doing their own thing in their own way.. Let’s see what they come up with in November, I’ve never owned a oneplus device but it’s a bargain and I wish to own one since I find it difficult owning a Sammy and the likes due to high price tags.

    • balcobomber25

      “LeEco an unknown company who I can say is now in extinct started it”

      LeEco was an unknown company in the west. In China they were very well known as the Netflix of China. They are still one of the biggest internet video companies in China. They even produced a few movies that were in western theaters such as The Great Wall. They aren’t extinct either, they have spent 2017 restructuring their company and attracting new investors. They could end up being extinct but not there yet.

  • Peter Blazey

    I spoke with the CEO of OnePlus when he came down to Australia and he said that there would not be a OP5T, only a 6, so I doubt the vadility of this article

    • Martin Jastram

      that´s interesting.
      how did you get in contact with pete?
      i don´t know, if he is really trustworthy though. (hashtag OP2)

      on the other hand, if they make a OP6 this fall instead of a 5t, the article would still be kind of right. and who cares about numbers, right?

      • Peter Blazey

        I was at the OnePlus Australia softlanch meet up in Melbourne and there was a bit of time for questions so I asked him. You’re right. Numbers don’t matter, but he was very specific about there not being any oneplus 5t

        • Martin Jastram

          …which still doesn´t rule out a op6 coming early.
          or was he specific about that too?

          • Peter Blazey

            He did say it was coming soon-ish

          • montalbert_scott

            that wasnt the CEO mate. the only appearance the CEO made was in the prerecorded video. Their PR guys said what you said. I think their no comment speaks volumes… it is coming…

    • Sansa

      Of course, with such a dramatic change, it wouldn’t make sense calling 5T. 6 must be.

  • Kashif Nawaz

    So what about fingerprint sensor? If it’s under the display then I’ll definitely buy this.