Alleged Xiaomi Mi 8 Front Panel Appears Alongside Another Mysterious Notched Xiaomi Phone

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Xiaomi has confirmed that it will be holding an unveil event by the end of this month. Probably, the event will be held on May 31. It is speculated that its major attraction will be the Mi 8th Anniversary Edition phone that may debut with Xiaomi Mi 8 moniker. Rumors have it that it will be the first Android phone to arrive with 3D facial recognition feature. Two new spy shots of the front panel of the alleged Mi 8 phone has surfaced recently. The new images have also revealed that the Mi 8 will be arriving with a wider notch for housing structured light 3D module that will enable 3D facial scanning on the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 8 front panel1

The wider notch seen in the above image shown above matches with the leaked image of the Mi 8’s 3D facial scanning module that had surfaced in the last week.

Like the TrueDepth Camera system on the iPhone X that enables Face ID 3D facial recognition on it, the Mi 8’s notch could be packed with multiple sensors like front camera, earpiece, proximity sensor, ambient sensor, infrared lens, flood illuminator and dot projector and so on. This could be the reason why the alleged Mi 8 features a wider notch.

Xiaomi Mi 8 3D Face Recognition
Xiaomi Mi 8 3D Face Recognition
Apple iPhone X Face ID 3D Face Recognition
Apple iPhone X Face ID 3D Face Recognition

All Android phones available in the market that are equipped face unlock feature carry support for 2D facial scanning. They can recognize face to unlock the phone in bright light, but they are not reliable in dim-light conditions. Hence, 2D facial scanning is not as accurate as 3D facial recognition available on the iPhone X. As mentioned above, the Mi 8 could be arriving as the first Android smartphone with 3D facial recognition.

Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 7 front panels

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The above image shows front panel of two notched display phones. These could be the upcoming flagship phones from the company. The front panel present on the left side corresponds with the very first image in this post which suggests it could be belong to the Xiaomi Mi 8. However, the front panel of the mysterious phone shown on the right reveals that it is a smaller device than the Mi 8. The size of its chin is also smaller than the Mi 8. It is speculated that the front panel placed on the right side could belong to the Mi 7.

Xiaomi’s Shenzhen event is only 10 days away. Hence, the rumor mill is expected to reveal more information on the upcoming Xiaomi devices that are expected to go official on May 31. Some rumors have claimed that the Mi Max 3 may also debut on the said date. However, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has today revealed that it could be announced in July.