OnePlus 5 Camera’s Night Shot Exposed & It’s Impressive

by Jed John 0

OnePlus CEO Liu Zuotu has again posted another evidence that projects his company’s upcoming flagship model. This time around, the CEO shared a single shot which he claimed in the night shot of the OnePlus 5 camera. Evidently, the photo was indeed captured in the night and the level of clarity is just superb for a smartphone camera’s shot.

oneplus 5

The OnePlus 5 camera has been the subject of numerous teasers which points at a powerful setup. Even recently, the company selected 10 reviewers that would test the camera before the device is launched. We have only been able to spot just one user on Weibo who uses the OnePlus 5 and he claimed in a recent post that the camera is indeed powerful, drawing a comparison with that of the Galaxy S8.

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The OnePlus 5 camera is expected to be dual sensors, though. That has been confirmed severally, both in leaked renders including the leaked box casing for the device which has it written on the body. Also, recently spotted camera samples that were reportedly captured by the OnePlus 5 points at a dual camera feature. One of the images came out as a black and white shot which indicates that OnePlus 5 may come with dual cameras and one of its lenses will be able to capture images in monochrome. The presence of a monochrome sensor in a dual rear camera module can assist in detecting lighting conditions in a better way. Hence, it will be able to shoot accurate photos just as we can see on this leaked night photo. The night sky maintains its darkness and yet the camera was still able to pick the tiny stars and capture the building and shadows with an impressively high level of contrast and clarity. You can find the full photo from below.


oneplus 5

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