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iPhone 5S
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iPhone 5S will come with 4,8 inch screen size?

According to a recent report, the iPhone 5S will bring a larger screen than the current generation iPhone screen. Rumored that the iPhone will...
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Yet another HTC Sense 5.0 leaked picture

After we’ve covered the news about the new HTC Sense UI 5.0, is now we have a couple of leaked screenshot picture of another...
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Pantech Vega No.6 Phablet device, heading to market next month

South Korean handset vendor, Pantech, reportedly will soon launch a sophisticated phablet. Those Phablet it is Pantech Vega 6.
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Huawei G615 enter the German market for $ 399 USD

Presumably Huawei phone recently most discussed Ascend Mate and Ascend D2, but that does not mean Huawei to stop the development of cost-effective mobile...
Meizu Forum
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Bai Yongxiang: Meizu application store forum download over 300 million users

Meizu phone CEO, Bai Yongxiang revealed today, that the Meizu forum registered user to more than 4.1 million users, one of the most active...
meizu mx3
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Meizu MX2 will release for China Unicom for $433 USD

Meizu and China Unicom announced their a strategic cooperation recently, China Unicom to become the first Meizu domestic carrier partners, The Meizu MX2 smartphone...
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Xiaomi is planning to create Chatting services in Southeast Asia Region

Southeast Asia market seems to be very potential. Especially in it was China, Indonesia and Malaysia, those country has the largest population in the...
Huawei-Phone K3V3
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Huawei is planning to built smartphone with 8-core chipset

Samsung is already to build the breakthrough new 8 core processor, it has motivated another smartphone maker from China, Huawei, to explore the development...

China Mobile lost their 2.5 million customers since December 2012

The latest statistics which says that China Mobile currently has 3.9 million new subscribers and 3G subscribers increased 5.5 million seems to imply its...
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PiPO Ultra-U3, 7-inch Abdroid tablet with 3G connectivity

Today, the popularity of tablet device is growing rapidly, since most people need mor mobility and flexibility in their life, and tablet device offers...