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Video comparison: Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S III is a big success, and now they already released the next-generation flagship phone Galaxy S4 last week, Samsung has finally...
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Goophone Released iPhone 5S Clone Before Apple, Only $99

There is some rumors about cheap version iPhone 5S, but Apple will doesn’t confirm it before next generation iPhone unveil. Lots of market analysts...
Men wearing cardboard hats, depicting Apple's new iPhone 5, pose for photos as they wait for the release of the phone near Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo
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Apple iPhone now become the best-selling smartphone in Japan for 2012

If the BlackBerry smartphones that are not being sold in the Japanese market, it is different with Apple’s iPhone. Even in a recent report...
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Zophone i5, the perfect iPhone 5 imitation smartphone

iPhone 5 is the most wanted phone today, but the domestic manufacturer has been making the nice imitation with 1:1 precision through Zophone  i5 Android...

iPhone5mod release iPhone 5 transparent cover

iPhone5Mod is one of iPhone 5 accessories and peripherals manufactrer, has been release iPhone 5 cover modification kit to make your iPhone 5 component...
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iPhone 5 Case, Keybarod, Game Controller, 3 In 1 Magnet Design (Video)

In today iPhone5mod again launched new iPhone 5 gadget, this new product is both a protective case, and the ultra-thin keyboard and game controller. EX...
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Apple iPhone 5 vulnerable to bend

Is very bad story for Apple fans while we have ever covered this news before, and now we found the new case of Apple...
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iPhone 5 sold over two million units in China

Apple has just announced that it has succeeded in selling iPhone 5 smartphone devices in China as many as two million units over the...
Goophone I5 box

Goophone I5 Countdown to official release Starts now!

So you might have seen my post  a couple of days ago saying that Goophone will release their i5 model…

Goophone I5 officially announced for release from 12.12 to 12.14

Yes! You heard it right the Goophone I5 world’s most anticipated iPhone 5 clone…