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The brief history of SMS

Matti Makkonen is a Finnish engineer who created the Short Messaging Service (SMS) in 1984. So innovative, for those invention, Makkonen receives Innovation Award...
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Huawei preparing USD $90 million to build facility in Finland

Huawei is trying to setting up their planning in the mobile business, even this Chinesse based company is rumored to have set up a...
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The Lenovo S720, Android smartphone targeted for female user

Smartphone and pther gadget device is identical to man rather than a woman, but Lenovo is trying to change the paradigm of those aspect...
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The picture of Meizu MX2 leaked again

After we’ve covered few rumors and news about the new Meizu MX2 smartphone, and now we got the new leaked picture of Meizu MX2...
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ThinkCentre Tiny, palm-size desktop PC from Lenovo

Lenovo has been introducing Lenovo ThinkCentre, this PC is based on ultrathin host or some people called as barebone PC. ThinkCentre Tiny series is...
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Lawei All-in-one computer ready to adopt Windows 8

While we’re know about Microsoft will release Windows 8 OS this month. The all-in-one computer from Shenzhen Lawei will load Windows 8 OS.
sugar battery
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Will The sugar battery replace the Lithium battery?

As we all know, most of the smart phone batteries are lithium ion batteries, powered by lithium element. In addition to lithium, what materials...

1080p screen smartphone not be better than 720p

Phablet (phone-tablet), the latter being a new category to mention a device with a screen size of 5 inches. But there is a little...
lenovoIdeaPad Line
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Lenovo Windows 8 device new advertising, create by 007 film director

Today, Lenovo has launched two new ads for its Windows 8 device, respectively, those ads is special for their new IdeaPad Yoga and IdeaPad...
TCL S500-05
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China Unicom push TCL S500 Android smartphone

After we’ve covered about TCL S710 Android smartphone pushes by Baidu Cloud Services, is now time for China Unicom to choose TCL smartphone product...